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What is Kairos South Pacific?

Kairos South Pacific is the Regional Youth Programme of the Sword of the Spirit in this part of the world. This includes, but is not limited to, the present work of the Lamb of God Christian Community which is situated throughout New Zealand, and the Patmos Community youth work in the Fiji Islands.

Kairos South Pacific is affiliated with Kairos International, a worldwide Youth programme of the Sword of the Spirit  operating in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Ibero America, North America and the South Pacific.

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What is "Kairos?"

Kairos, from Wikipedia, is an ancient Greek word meaning the "right or opportune moment," or "God's time." The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. While the former refers to chronological or sequential time, the latter signifies "a time in between", a moment of undetermined period of time in which "something" special happens.

We believe that truly something special is happening with the young people here in this corner of the world. We believe in providing an environment which is positive, nurturing and Christian for all young people in the South Pacific area. We believe that in spite of the challenges young people face, they can grow into mature adults with the right values, morals and character to face whatever challenges they will encounter in the future.







What are the core values of Kairos International (and Kairos South Pacific) ?


1. We seek to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. We want to promote the full charismatic life.

3. We desire to advance the cause of Christian unity.

4. We want to provide the youth with exposure to life in community.

5. We aim to worship the Lord in excellence.

6. Our goal is personal discipleship in daily life of holiness.


Kairos International Links

Link in Asia: Christ's Youth in Action in the Philippines

Links in Europe and in the Middle East: Youth Initiatives in Belfast, Together Encounter Christ also in Belfast, Koinonia in London, and Harambee - Europe and Midle East Region Summer Programme

Link in Iberoamerica:  Click here

Links in North America: St. Paul's Outreach in Minneapolis, MN, University Christian Outreach in Ann Arbor, MI, University Christian Outreach in East Lansing MI and Youthworks in Detroit.

International Link: The Servants of the Word, an international brotherhood of lay celibate missionary men based in many parts of the world. Many of them serve in different groups within the Kairos International banner.


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