January 7 to 11, 2018

The Burwood Christian Centre


Summer Oasis 2018 - Come to the Water

Come, everyone who thirsts, come

to the waters; and he who has no

money, come, buy, and eat!

Isaiah 55:1 ESV


Summer Oasis EJ and EDGE Stream Time Table

Venue: Burwood Christian Centre


 Sunday 7 January

5-00pm Rego, Accommodation, etc.

7-20pm Evening Rally



Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

8, 9, and 10 January

9-00 to 9-30 Praise and Worship

9-430 to 9-45 Break

9 –45 to 10-45 Morning Talk/Sharings

10-45 to 11-00 Break

11-00 to 12-15 Bible Streams

12-15 to 1-10 Lunch

1-10 to 1-30 Praise and Worship

1-30 to 3-00 Workshops

3-00 to 5-00 Recreation with EDGE Group

7-20 to 9-30 Evening Rally


Thursday 11 January

9-00 to 9-30 Praise and Worship

9-30 to 9-45 Break

9-45 to 11-00 Witnessing Session

11-00 to 12-00 Lunch/Photos/Fellowship

1-00 Summer Oasis Ends


EJ Stream Talks, Bible Streams, Workshops

Venue: Burwood Christian Centre


Main Talks: 9:45 to 10-45 am each day


Monday                Witnessing, Testimony, and Setting Expectations

Tuesday               Ground Rules for Prayer

Wednesday          Negativity - The Enemy of a Full Life in God


Biblical Streams: Three Presentations


Monday               He Spoke in Parables

Tuesday              A Man of Compassion

Wednesday         Jesus the Healer



Afternoon Workshops:

Monday                 Signs and Wonders

Tuesday                Gender Matters

Wednesday           Creative Workshop



Evening Rallies: Exhortation/Talks


Sunday                  Come to the Water—Main Theme

Monday                  Seek the Lord While He May Be Found

Tuesday                 The Promises of God

Wednesday            [Healing Meeting]


EDGE Stream Talks, Bible Streams, Workshops

Venue: Burwood Christian Centre



Main Talks: 9:45 to 10-45 am each day


Monday Witnessing, Testimony, and

Setting Expectations

Tuesday Ground Rules for Prayer

Wednesday Negativity



Biblical Streams: Three Presentations


Monday He Spoke in Parables

Tuesday Man of Compassion

Wednesday Jesus the Healer


Afternoon Activity:

Monday Session with Brendan Malone

Tuesday [EDGE Out for the Day]

Wednesday Pilgrimage—Kirsten



Evening Rallies: Exhortation/Talks


Sunday Come to the Water—Main Theme

Monday Seek the Lord While He May Be Found

Tuesday The Promises of God

Wednesday [Healing Meeting]





Conference Requirements

* If you need special ministry please refer to a leadership team member who will make appropriate arrangements for you.

* Attendees must remain on site during all breaks and lunch times.

* Cell phones are to be left turned off or in silent mode inside the Centre.

* Smoking is not permitted in the Centre or grounds.

* No alcohol is allowed during the conference.


What to Bring to Summer Oasis

Come prepared with your Bible, notepad and pen, pocket money for recreational times, your sleeping bag, swimming gear, all personal toiletries and clothing. Do not bring iPods and MP3 players.


Registration Information

Minimum school level – attendees must be year 9 and up in the coming school year.


Accommodation - Community billets are limited and will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Once accommodation places are filled, those registering will need to make their own arrangements.


Billeting Costs— Those staying in billets must pay their host family $13.00 per night to towards costs. Please pay the full amount on arrival to Tom Caballes. Conference Fees: Full conference fees are $60.00 per person; $50 each for 2 members of the same family; or $40 each for 3 or more members of the same family. Conference Times: Please be at the BCC no later than 5pm on Sunday 7 January. Return airfares can be arranged anytime on 11 January afternoon and onward.



Three Ways of Registering [Choose one]

1. Fill up the form [see the links below] and send a cheque [payable to Lamb of God] to the address below.

2. Or register by emailing [as below] the details on the rego form and pay on arrival.

3. Or better yet, fill up the registration form  [S/O Online Registration], then fill up the required form, and then press SUBMIT. Payment by cheque can be sent in advance as below.


Contact Details for

Further Information

Conference Manager: Tom Caballes

Phone: [04] 232 2297

Mobile: 021 0586 909


Address: Tom Caballes

68A Peterhouse Street

Tawa 5028 Wellington


 You can download the flyer/rego form here for EJ and here for EDGE


 You can go to the online registration here